Eminent Meat Quality Scientist Working with Delytics

23 February 2019

Internationally acclaimed meat quality expert, Dr Carrick Devine, is working with Delytics to help optimise the quality of meat.

Dr Devine (left) with Mark Loeffen.

Delytics is now offering a range of services to help premium meat suppliers consistently meet the eating expectations of their discerning consumers. These services include consumer liking profiles for specific markets, processing audits, tenderness tests and customised aging regimes.

Delytics Managing Director, Mark Loeffen, worked with Dr Devine for approximately 20 years at the globally recognised Meat Industry Research Institute of New Zealand (MIRINZ) and is looking forward to continuing their long work association, focused on meat.

Mark says, “Carrick’s extensive expertise has allowed us to extend the consumer-centric quality optimisation services we have perfected for produce, into the fresh meat market. One of the key strengths he brings to our team is his knowledge of the whole production process, from paddock to plate. Recent studies have revealed a lot of conflicting viewpoints relating to meat quality and uncovered ways to harmonize processes. Carrick will help us harness this new information to assist our customers to deliver top-quality meat that consistently delights their consumers.”

Dr Devine is widely recognised for his in-depth understanding of the many contributing factors that influence meat tenderness and quality. His extensive research in this field.has earned him a New Zealand Order of Merit for his outstanding service to the Crown and people of New Zealand, and a prestigious Doctorate in Science (D.Sc) for his considerable contribution to meat science.

Two of Dr Devine’s many career highlights include developing electrical stimulation at MIRINZ to optimise meat tenderness, and working with Plant and Food Research and AgResearch to successfully develop near infrared spectroscopy techniques (NIR) to measure meat tenderness on-line.

Dr Devine also served as editor-in-chief of the international publication, Encyclopedia of Meat Sciences, Second Edition; and is a fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand and the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry.

Mark says, “I am looking forward to working with Carrick again to help forward-thinking meat and hospitality companies strengthen their reputations as premium suppliers of great tasting meat.”

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