Turn your Operational Data into Actionable Management Metrics

9 April 2020

Is the operational data collected in your business providing you with the clear and instant insight needed to inform mission critical management decisions? 

Or do you feel that you are drowning in data when you just want to get to the facts?

What if you could completely bypass the flood of data points and spreadsheets and get a very quick overview of what is happening in your business in real time, with just the click of a button? Would that be valuable for your business?

As the acclaimed management expert, Peter Drucker, once stated, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

Important insights could be buried in your data that you don’t have the time or ability to spot.

An effective way to ensure you can easily spot important insights into your business is to develop an analytics system that will condense the millions of data points your business collects into easily understood management metrics. Along with providing you with an instant high-level overview, a customised data analytics system will allow you to drill down to the details to carry out a root cause analyses if needed, should the overview flag a problem.

In 2014 Zespri International Ltd contracted our company, Delytics Ltd, to develop a system to help them more easily monitor and compare the performance of the vessels they were using to ship their export kiwifruit.

This required us to analyse data from around 200 voyages that each generated about 80,000 temperature readings. That large volume of data had to be transformed into easily usable decision support metrics.

The system we designed allowed Zespri to produce easily interpreted metrics and graphs at the click of a button that clearly showed the air temperature performance of each voyage. That gave Zespri the ability to quickly assess the performance of each voyage, rank each vessel based on its air temperature compliance and compare the overall performance of each shipping company.

If you are not currently able to get this level of usability and insight from the data that your business is collecting, Delytics can to assist you to do that. We have extensive experience analysing complex data and turning it into easily understood and actionable management metrics.

Our typical support process includes working with you to:

  1. Review what data your business is currently collecting and how it is being used to support management decisions.
  2. Review what decisions are being made by senior management and what data they need to support those decisions.
  3. Develop a customised analytics-based system to help process the raw data your business is collecting into easily understood and actionable metrics, which are customised to suit your management needs.

To find out if we are a good fit to help your business, we offer a complimentary no-obligation phone or video consult.

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