Consumer acceptability hit a five-year high for Australian table grapes with increased demand and prices - just one year after Delytics helped the industry put new maturity standards in place. Nielsen data showed an average 10.1% increase in volume over the 2019/20 season and an associated 5% increase in price. Retail monitoring over the same time period recorded the highest consumer acceptability in five years with an overall consumer acceptability of 79%. This was a 20 percentage point increase from the 2016/17 season, the year before the project started.

Delytics added huge value to our industry by transforming the raw monitoring data into easy-to-read graphics that highlighted immaturity over a four-month period of harvest. Their analytical skills gave us the tangible evidence we’d been looking for, for 10
years, to help us decide the evidence-based minimum standards needed for growers to harvest their fruit at the optimum maturity. We want our grapes to provide a consistently good eating experience, throughout the whole season.

The increased consumer demand already achieved by this project supports previous research showing that consumers will buy more fruit when they are confident it will taste good.

Jeff Scott
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Table Grape Association Inc.

Delytics project managed the three-year strategic levy investment project Table Grapes Supply Chain Quality 2017-2020 (TG17002), which was part of the Hort Innovation Table Grape Fund. They were excellent at maintaining a relationship with us as a funding body and demonstrated strong stakeholder engagement. Their very adaptive and inclusive approach resulted in a quality outcome, and helped industry pivot their thinking. Their work certainly made a difference and was very well received.

Dr Anthony Kachenko
General Manager, Data and Extension
Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd

Consumer Acceptance of Navel Oranges Significantly Improved

A new fruit quality maturity standard recommended by Delytics has helped boost the consumer acceptability of New Zealand navel oranges from 62% to 93% in just one season.

Delytics Helps Citrus Australia Improve Quality & Taste

The Delytics team’s crop quality expertise and ability to analyse complex data helped Citrus Australia identify the maturity measures for their recently adopted Australian Citrus Quality Standards. The new standards were introduced in 2014 to assist Australian citrus growers, packers, marketers and retailers deliver quality citrus that consumers will enjoy eating and want to repeat purchase. Before setting the standards, Citrus Australia had to first determine the maturity parameters for oranges and mandarins that would consistently meet consumer preferences for juiciness and taste.

Delytics Helps UK Researchers Breed Raspberries for Optimum Taste

Delytics has helped the globally recognised James Hutton Institute research organisation create a new breeding protocol to ensure the majority of their raspberries are liked by consumers.

Delytics Helps Zespri Predict Right Colour, Taste & Time

Pre-cursors of the Delytics® Crop Quality Advisor have been commercially operated by Zespri and their key clearance laboratories and suppliers since 2007. These systems have helped Zespri predict the right harvest colour, taste and time for their Gold kiwifruit, extend the shelf life through post-harvest improvements.

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Ongoing Benefits for Australian Mangoes

In September 2011 Harvest Fresh Fruits Pty Ltd (previously trading as Oolloo Farm Management) adopted a precursor of the Delytics® Crop Quality Advisor to optimise the production of B74 mangoes, marketed under the Calypso® brand name in Australia. This system is providing ongoing benefits for Australian mangoes.