Improving the Flavour of UK Raspberries
20 August 2018

Delytics Ltd is helping the globally recognised James Hutton Institute research organisation understand how to develop resilient flavour characteristics in raspberries that UK consumers will enjoy eating.

Delytics Ltd specialises in increasing the consumer acceptance and repeat purchase frequency of fruit by improving the eating quality to meet the desired taste experience of specific target markets.


Science-Based Maturity Standards on Track for Australian Table Grapes
1 July 2018

Data collected last season has provided a greater understanding of Australian table grape variability, and allowed science-based recommendations to be made for updated maturity standards that will encourage repeat purchasing.


Australian Table Grape Quality Improvements Underway
1 April 2018

Work is well underway to help the Australian table grape industry consistently supply consumers with great tasting fruit.


Clearance Process Scores Well for New Zealand Navels
11 December 2017

The New Zealand citrus industry’s ongoing commitment to working with Delytics Ltd to deliver consistently great tasting fruit has resulted in the majority of their navel oranges being liked by consumers in 2017, despite a challenging growing season.


Consumer Liking Prediction to Boost Repurchase of Berries
14 March 2017

The consumer liking prediction models developed by Delytics Ltd are helping berry growers take steps to increase the repurchase rate of their berries by predicting consumer response before harvest.