• Business Cases

Mark Loeffen developed a strategic business case for an innovation programme I was leading that effectively informed decision making. The primary sector business I was working for had experienced an external shock that required all the innovation portfolios to be reprioritised. The business case Mark developed communicated the merits of the programme well and helped assure a good outcome. Mark is very effective at bridging the communication gap between innovation and business. He has an in-depth understanding of science and technology and also understands the needs of stakeholders and the commercial aspects of interest to governance decision makers.

Alistair Mowat
Director, Thought Strategy Ltd,
Tauranga, New Zealand

  • Commercialisation

Mark Loeffen assisted Meat and Livestock Australia for 15 years in three main areas:

  1. Support for the industry business and commercialisation services provided by Meat and Livestock Australia – Mark has shown capability to understand the commercial value of new technology and innovation in the Australian red meat industry. He has assisted us in documentation material transfer packages to enable the execution of successful licensing agreements.
  2. Support for evaluation of the returns from industry programme investments – Mark has assisted us with industry surveys and discussions with key stakeholders and end users of our research outcomes in order to assess the value of benefits and impacts arising from these investments.
  3. Technical analysis – Mark’s strong...
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Dr Lewis Atkinson
Manager Knowledge & Program Improvement,
Meat and Livestock Australia Ltd

  • Crop Quality Optimisation

Delytics Helps Citrus Australia Improve Quality & Taste

The Delytics team’s crop quality expertise and ability to analyse complex data helped Citrus Australia identify the maturity measures for their recently adopted Australian Citrus Quality Standards. The new standards were introduced in 2014 to assist Australian citrus growers, packers, marketers and retailers deliver quality citrus that consumers will enjoy eating and want to repeat purchase. Before setting the standards, Citrus Australia had to first determine the maturity parameters for oranges and mandarins that would consistently meet consumer preferences for juiciness and taste.

Delytics Helps Zespri Predict Right Colour, Taste & Time

Pre-cursors of the Delytics® Crop Quality Advisor have been commercially operated by Zespri and their key clearance laboratories and suppliers since 2007. These systems have helped Zespri predict the right harvest colour, taste and time for their Gold kiwifruit, extend the shelf life through post-harvest improvements.

Ongoing Benefits for Australian Mangoes

In September 2011 Harvest Fresh Fruits Pty Ltd (previously trading as Oolloo Farm Management) adopted a precursor of the Delytics® Crop Quality Advisor to optimise the production of B74 mangoes, marketed under the Calypso® brand name in Australia. This system is providing ongoing benefits for Australian mangoes.

Premium Queen Garnet Quality Assurance Provided by Delytics

Nutrafruit Pty Ltd has adopted the crop quality assurance system provided by Delytics to ensure a consistent premium quality for their high value Queen Garnet nutraceutical products and fresh fruit.

  • R&D Project Management

Mark Loeffen has provided huge value by providing me with hands-on coaching help to manage a large multi-disciplinary research project. I am leading. It’s a very complex multi-disciplinary project with lots of moving parts, involving both very applied and theoretical scientists. Mark has helped me transition the project from the evaluation phase to the much more focused second phase, which requires robust management systems and work plans with clear specifications for success and delivery. Mark is very experienced in managing R&D projects and is very good at bringing in a cross-pollination of ideas between sectors.

Cameron Craigie
Science Impact Leader
Lincoln Research Centre
AgResearch Ltd
Christchurch, New Zealand

  • Training & Coaching

Mark delivered customised Project Management training courses at AgResearch over a period of almost eight years across four campus locations. Over 150 AgResearch staff attended these courses in order to improve their skills in managing science research projects.

Mark’s experience in managing science-related projects has provided him with a unique and credible understanding of the challenges presented by science research and development projects. I have found Mark to be good to work with, very cooperative, and open to trying new and different approaches to training.

Comments from the course participants include:

Yvette Keys
Organisational Talent and Development Manager
Lincoln Research Centre
AgResearch Ltd
Christchurch, New Zealand

The MLA Training course was invaluable to me. It gave me a renewed confidence to drive forward with my project with a logical structure, and great management tools and techniques. It would be very beneficial for all newbies like me to get this training before embarking on any career in a CRI/research or scientific R&D as it sets a high standard for research, accountability, recording and reporting.

Kiri Reihana
Governance and Policy
Landcare Research
Hamilton, New Zealand

Mark Loeffen helped us develop a clear and concise project plan for a technically challenging high temperature casing condition diagnostic system for the geothermal energy industry. Mark’s training support helped us focus on the commercial aspects of our project right from the start and we now have a new product that is eagerly anticipated by commercial clients, even before it is launched.

Evan Erstich
Project Manager
Century Drilling and Energy Services (NZ) Limited
Wairakei, New Zealand