Privacy Policy

The Delytics® (“Decision Support Service") is an online decision support service made available to you by Delytics Ltd (“Delytics”). Delytics will have access to certain data and information (“Data”) (including your personal information) relating to your use of the Decision Support Service. Delytics may also contact you from time to time regarding your use of the Decision Support Service. This Privacy Policy describes how Delytics will collect, store and use information made available through your use of the Delytics® Decision Support Service.

You own your data

Delytics stores information about a company or individual (“Organisation”) as provided or entered by that Organisation’s authorized user(s) (“User”). Delytics will store information that is entered by the Users, or imported at a User's instruction. The Data entered, or imported on instruction, by the Users of an Organisation remains the property of the Organisation and except as expressly set out herein; Delytics will not use nor make available for use any of this information without the prior written permission of the Organisation.

You control who has access to your data

The Data and other information entered, or imported on instruction, by authorized Users of an Organisation is stored securely in an online database and, except as expressly stated below, is only accessible to the authorized Users of the Organisation. The Administrator of the Organisation (“Administrator”) will have full control over who is authorized to be a User. A user name and password is required in order to access an Organisation's information stored in the Decision Support Service.

It is the Users' responsibility to keep their passwords safe. It is the Administrator's responsibility to ensure that any Users that are invited to use the Organisation’s account have permission to view the Organisation's information stored in the Delytics® Decision Support Service.

Delytics may access non-identifying and aggregated crop information in order to better the customers who are using the Decision Support Service so we can improve the Services. All aggregated usage information is stored in a secure facility.

Your Organisation may request Delytics, or a licensee of Delytics, to provide additional analysis (“Services”) of the Data your Organisation has stored the Delytics® Decision Support Service. In such circumstances, your Organisation grants Delytics, or a licensee of Delytics, access to your Data to allow it to provide the Services requested by your Organisation.

Monitoring Services usage

Delytics will monitor your use of Delytics® Decision Support Service in order to ensure your compliance with the Conditions of Use (“Conditions of Use”) governing your license to use Decision Support Service. Delytics also has access to and may use aggregate information such as number of associated Users, number of transactions and billing information for the purpose of billing and monitoring server and software performance as well as for considering ways in which the User experience with Delytics may be enhanced or improved.

Delytics may access non-identifying and aggregated usage information and transaction volumes in order to better understand how its customers are using the Decision Support Service so it can improve the Services design and where appropriate have the Services prompt Users with suggestions on ways to improve their own use of the Services. All aggregated usage information is stored in a secure facility.

Your data is sent securely across the internet

The servers on which the Delytics® Decision Support Service is hosted (the "Servers") have current security certificates issued by Thawte so all Data transferred between the Users of an Organisation and the Servers is encrypted. However, the Internet is not in itself a secure environment. Users should only enter, or instruct the importation of, Data to the database within a secure environment. This means that the User's browser must support the encryption security used in connection with the Servers.

Access to your data

On request, Delytics will provide the Administrator with a full export of the Organisation’s data stored on the Servers, in a file format determined by Delytics.

Please note however that an Organisation’s data may be permanently deleted without notice by Delytics where the Organisation stops paying to use Delytics, or is in breach of Delytics Conditions of Use, or at the Administrator’s request.


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Communicating with and Supporting Users

Delytics sends billing information, product information, service updates and regular customer newsletters to registered Users via email. Delytics may also contact Users directly from time to time to seek feedback on a User’s experience with the Delytics® Decision Support Service, and to offer any User support or assistance that may be made available by Delytics to Users of the Decision Support Service from time to time.

Links to third party websites

The Delytics website may contain links to third-party websites. Delytics takes no responsibility for the privacy practices or content of these websites.

This policy may be updated from time to time

Delytics reserves the right to update this privacy policy at any time and any updated policy will become effective from the date it is posted on the Delytics website.

Please read our Conditions of Use

Your use of the Delytics® Decision Support Service is subject to the Delytics Conditions of Use. In the event of a conflict or disagreement between this Privacy Policy and the Conditions of Use, the Conditions of Use will prevail.

Version Date: 10/06/2013