Commercially-Focused Training, Coaching & Mentoring

Our training division can help your team achieve greater commercial outcomes from R&D, commercialisation, service delivery and business intelligence projects through practical training courses and coaching.

Our courses can be run in-house and customised to suit the learning requirements and goals of your organisation or industry. We also offer individual coaching for project and team leaders wanting to expand their skills through practical on-the-job training and support for specific projects.

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R&D Project Management Training

Ideal for managers, research leaders and team members - our interactive R&D Project Management courses explore practical ways to plan and manage R&D projects that link well with desired commercial outcomes.

The key learnings from our R&D project management courses include:

  • How to deliver R&D projects on time, within budget and to client expectations
  • Why R&D projects differ from ordinary projects
  • How to avoid common pitfalls
  • How to effectively present results to governance groups
  • How to manage multiple R&D projects simultaneously
  • Sound R&D project management processes and practices
  • How to plan and manage R&D portfolios including multidisciplinary teams
  • How to prepare more commercially-focused project plans
  • Leading and managing multi-disciplinary teams

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Mark delivered customised Project Management training courses at AgResearch over a period of almost eight years across four campus locations. Over 150 AgResearch staff attended these courses in order to improve their skills in managing science research projects.

Mark’s experience in managing science-related projects has provided him with a unique and credible understanding of the challenges presented by science research and development projects. I have found Mark to be good to work with, very cooperative, and open to trying new and different approaches to training.

Comments from the course participants include:

  • This course covered a wide range of very important topics
  • Really enjoyed the course. It was a nice balance of good information backed with real experience examples
  • [the course] gave me a renewed sense of purpose in my work and a new clarity to projects and working in the AgResearch environment

Yvette Keys
Organisational Talent and Development Manager
Lincoln Research Centre
AgResearch Ltd
Christchurch, New Zealand