Increasing Consumer Demand & Value for Fruit, Vegetables & Meat

Did you know that improving the consumer acceptance of your fresh produce by as little as 10% can boost consumer demand by 24% or more and even increase the price?

We can help you improve demand and value by helping you consistently deliver the eating experience your customers want.

Consumer Demand Increase

This model sums up what we have helped multiple fresh produce companies and industries achieve through our crop quality work. Research backs this up with mounting evidence that consumers buy more branded produce when they know it will consistently taste good.

If you want the majority of your fruit, meat or vegetables to be liked by consumers and command the best possible price, Delytics can help you achieve that.

We have a proven track record of helping primary sector breeders, industries and businesses increase consumer demand for their produce. We do this by combining our in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour, produce maturity and taste properties with robust science and data analytics to help our customers predict the consumer acceptance of their crops before harvest and optimise quality throughout their entire supply chain. Our accomplishments include:

  • Leading a quality improvement project for Hort Innovation Australia that significantly improved Australian table grape consumer demand and prices.
  • Helping the New Zealand Citrus industry increase the consumer acceptance of navel oranges from 67% to 96% in one season.
  • Creating world-leading harvest decision support tools for Zespri’s gold kiwifruit.
  • Helping the James Hutton Institute develop a new breeding protocol to ensure the majority of the raspberries they breed are liked by UK consumers.
  • Helping Citrus Australia set national minimum maturity standards, which a major retailer has credited for strengthening sales and repeat purchases.


Our managing director Mark Loeffen gained an in-depth understanding of the meat industry while working for the internationally-acclaimed Meat Industry Research Institute of New Zealand (MIRINZ) for over 20 years in a range of roles, including general manager and measurement group team leader. Our team of consulting experts includes some of the world’s most highly acclaimed meat scientists.

Our key services include:

  • Developing evidence-based maturity standards and clearance protocols to optimise consumer acceptability.
  • Ensuring your crop quality and taste consistently delights consumers, right from the start of the season.
  • Optimising and predicting crop and meat quality, consumer liking and taste.
  • Developing QA and maturity measurement protocols and overseeing their implementation – on-farm, at retail and for export.
  • Monitoring crop quality – on-farm, at retail and export - with easily interpreted real-time feedback
  • Processing QA and maturity monitoring data to provide easily interpreted real-time feedback.
  • Assisting growers, marketers and industries to understand and manage variability.
  • Developing protocols to help you achieve and maintain consistent quality across multiple growing locations.
  • Providing user-friendly meat quality assurance oversight for meat plants and marketing companies.
  • Interpreting data produced at any point throughout your supply chain, including processing and shipping.
  • Planning and managing research projects

Delytics added huge value to our industry by transforming the raw monitoring data into easy-to-read graphics that highlighted immaturity over a four-month period of harvest. Their analytical skills gave us the tangible evidence we’d been looking for, for 10
years, to help us decide the evidence-based minimum standards needed for growers to harvest their fruit at the optimum maturity. We want our grapes to provide a consistently good eating experience, throughout the whole season.

The increased consumer demand already achieved by this project supports previous research showing that consumers will buy more fruit when they are confident it will taste good.

From an export point of view, importers will always pay a high price for good quality mature fruit. Table grapes are now the largest exporter by value of all fresh fruit out of Australia. Over the past 12 months our export sales have gone from $555 million to almost $650 million.

Jeff Scott
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Table Grape Association Inc.