Customised Data Processing, Modelling & Measurement

We can help you generate measurable value from data by solving complex problems, getting real-time insights, and predicting outcomes from increasingly voluminous data sources.

Whether you want to compare the performance of multiple suppliers, measure quality, or track the GPS locations of where specific fruit was picked – we can help you do that.

We have extensive experience developing robust adaptive models, customised measurement systems and smart-phone apps that will allow you to measure and gain real-time insights from almost anything, in a format that can be easily interpreted.

All our solutions are fully configurable to solve the exact problems that you need solved, and are supported by our fully automated data processing system that analyses data from all corners of the globe.

Multi-national brands have used our systems to compare performance and QA compliance in multiple international markets.

Our key services include:

  • Customised data processing
  • Robust adaptive modelling
  • Customised measurement solutions
  • Customised Smartphone apps
  • Real-time summarised insights
  • Machine learning