Achieving Outcomes in Environments of High Uncertainty & Risk

We can help you obtain maximum value from your R&D and ensure your projects achieve your desired objectives, on time and within budget.

Our team is highly skilled at planning and managing complex multi-disciplinary projects in environments of high uncertainty and risk. Our extensive experience across many industries allows us to engage well with diverse stakeholders to create value for all parties. The projects we have managed include workplace innovations, business intelligence, crop qaulity improvements and new product commercialisation. 

We can either manage your R&D projects for you or assist your own staff to lead projects, with hands-on coaching and mentoring. We also offer R&D goverance oversight trainings for senior managers and decision makers.

Our training division can help your team effectively plan and manage commercially-focused R&D through practical training courses and coaching.

Read our flyer:

Mark Loeffen added huge value to a large meat research project I led. It was a very complex multi-disciplinary project with lots of moving parts, involving both very applied and theoretical scientists The significant technical expertise, project management support and coaching Mark provided over the full five years of the project helped us deliver our project objectives. Mark is very experienced in managing R&D projects and is very good at bringing in a cross-pollination of ideas between sectors. Working with Mark helped me grow my skills as a programme leader and develop robust systems and work plans to meet the needs of stakeholders and ensure good on-time delivery within budget. Mark is really good to work with. He is a good communicator, very responsive and engaged, and proactive in keeping things moving. He’s got a good way of bringing people together for common goals and is well able to navigate the tension that sometimes arises between the objectives of the academic collaborators and those more interested in commercial outcomes. It was a very valuable investment having Mark involved in this project. He has saved us time and money and helped us develop new meat quality measurement technology that has been successfully commercially trialled in a meat plant.

Cameron Craigie PhD
Strategy Lead – Next Generation Consumer Products
Lincoln Research Centre
AgResearch Ltd
Christchurch, New Zealand