Increasing Repeat Purchases for Products, Services & Fresh Produce

We can help you significantly increase the repeat purchase frequency and value of your fresh produce, products and services. This will encourage increased consumer liking and loyalty, and potentially pave the way to increased prices and profitability.

By modelling and predicting consumer behaviour we can help you achieve and maintain the level of quality you need to meet the wants and needs of your customers. Our modelling can help you identify and respond to different customer preferences in different geographic or demographic markets.

Our team has extensive experience carrying out robust quality monitoring to compare what consumers really like with what is actually being sold to them through retail or service outlets. In 2016, we helped the unregulated New Zealand citrus industry add value to their entire industry by increasing the consumer acceptability of Navel Oranges from 67% to 96% in one season. The protocols we helped them put in place has allowed them to achieve an ongoing high consumer acceptability in every season since.

Crop Value Optimisation

Meat Value Optimisation

Delytics added huge value to our industry by transforming the raw monitoring data into easy-to-read graphics that highlighted immaturity over a four-month period of harvest. Their analytical skills gave us the tangible evidence we’d been looking for, for 10
years, to help us decide the evidence-based minimum standards needed for growers to harvest their fruit at the optimum maturity. We want our grapes to provide a consistently good eating experience, throughout the whole season.

The increased consumer demand already achieved by this project supports previous research showing that consumers will buy more fruit when they are confident it will taste good.

From an export point of view, importers will always pay a high price for good quality mature fruit. Table grapes are now the largest exporter by value of all fresh fruit out of Australia. Over the past 12 months our export sales have gone from $555 million to almost $650 million.

Jeff Scott
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Table Grape Association Inc.