Quality Assurance Critical for Protecting Fruit Brand IP

24 November 2020

Delytics Ltd is assisting Sun World International, LLC, an Australian licensing business to ensure its table grapes meet the quality standards required to bear its premium varietal brands such as MIDNIGHT BEAUTY® and AUTUMNCRISP®.

The independent quality assurance provided by Delytics is underpinning Sun World’s Australian compliance monitoring of its branded proprietary table grapes, sold throughout Australia and exported throughout Asia.


Sun World’s Australian Licencing Manager, Adam Knoll says, “Delytics is supporting our brands by helping us monitor maturity and quality standards of harvested fruit throughout our local season, which helps our licensees to deliver the consistent consumer experience we strive for. We take IP management very seriously. Delytics and the assistance they provide with our brand compliance, is playing a key role in helping us do that.”

Sun World’s rigorous brand quality oversight is helping them maintain a strong market position as a leading breeder and licensor of premium varieties.

Adam says, “We are striving to provide the supply chain with the confidence to know that when they purchase Sun World’s proprietary varieties, even if that costs a little bit more at times, they can be confident of a consistent and enjoyable eating experience across all global markets where our brands are sold and consumed.”

Along with overseeing fruit sampling and measurement across all growing regions in Australia, Delytics also processes the data collected into high-level management metrics. This provides Sun World with an almost instant summary of the monitoring results without needing to read through multiple operational reports.

Delytics Managing Director Mark Loeffen says, “We are really pleased to be working with Sun World for a third season, to help assure the eating quality of their premium brands. Their commitment to supplying consistent quality fruit is evident in their brand reputation. Consumers know that when they buy Sun World table grapes, they can trust they will always eat well.”