A Win for Consumers & Growers
1 February 2020

A three-year project led by Delytics has demonstrated how positive turnarounds can happen very quickly when maturity standards are set and followed across a whole supply chain. The Australian table grape industry agreed on new minimum maturity standards in November 2019 to increase the demand and consumption of table grapes. Since then, consumer acceptability at retail has risen to its highest point in five years.

Consumer-Centric Maturity Standards for Table Grapes in Australia
1 November 2019

Combining crop quality measurements with consumer preferences research has enabled Delytics Ltd to design science-based maturity standards for the Australian Table Grape industry to increase consumer demand.

Table Grape Minimum Maturity Changes Imminent
1 July 2019

Updates to the minimum maturity standards for Australian table grapes are expected to be finalised soon, following extensive industry consultation. A key objective of the proposed changes is to increase the demand and consumption of Australian table grapes by ensuring consumers have a consistently good eating experience, throughout the entire season. Maturity data analysed by Delytics from table grapes collected from farms, supermarkets and export over the past two seasons has provided science-based evidence to assist with the industry decision making.

Repeat Purchase Acceleration for Berries, Table Grapes and Cherries
22 March 2019

The ability to analyse the acid content of individual berries is enabling Delytics Ltd to help boost the repurchase rates of raspberries, table grapes and cherries.

Eminent Meat Quality Scientist Working with Delytics
23 February 2019

Internationally acclaimed meat quality expert, Dr Carrick Devine, is working with Delytics to help optimise the quality of meat.

Setting Standards to Ensure Table Grape Eating Quality
1 January 2019

Delytics is working with the Australian table grape industry to develop minimum maturity standards that are closely-aligned to consumer taste expectations. Grape maturity monitoring has been expanded for the project’s second season to ensure the decision is supported by as much science as possible. This was recommended by Delytics to provide a stronger evidence base for the industry to determine the best methodology to ensure consistently good eating quality.

Harvest Predictions Valuable for New Zealand Navels
29 August 2018

The evidence-based harvest date predictions provided by the Delytics crop quality system are adding increasing value to the New Zealand navel orange industry.

Improving the Flavour of UK Raspberries
20 August 2018

Delytics Ltd is helping the globally recognised James Hutton Institute research organisation understand how to develop resilient flavour characteristics in raspberries that UK consumers will enjoy eating.

Science-Based Maturity Standards on Track for Australian Table Grapes
1 July 2018

Data collected last season has provided a greater understanding of Australian table grape variability, and allowed science-based recommendations to be made for updated maturity standards that will help boost consumer demand. The project team’s ability to measure the Brix, acid and liking of individual berries allowed them to calculate brix/acid ratio and the BrimA taste indicator measurement (brix minus acid) on the same fruit, which previously could not be done. 

Australian Table Grape Quality Improvements Underway
1 April 2018

Work is well underway to help the Australian table grape industry consistently supply consumers with great tasting fruit, right from the start of the season. Delytics has been contracted by Hort Innovation to lead a three-year project in collaboration with the Australian Table Grape Association. The project aims to increase the consumer acceptability of table grapes by measuring fruit maturity on-farm, at retail, and export; and identifying and setting maturity specifications that will enable the industry to meet market and consumer demands.