R&D Project Management

Mark Loeffen has provided huge value by providing me with hands-on coaching help to manage a large multi-disciplinary meat research project. I am leading. It’s a very complex multi-disciplinary meat research project with lots of moving parts, involving both very applied and theoretical scientists. Mark has helped me transition the project from the evaluation phase to the much more focused second phase, which requires robust management systems and work plans with clear specifications for success and delivery. Mark is very experienced in managing R&D projects and is very good at bringing in a cross-pollination of ideas between sectors.

Cameron Craigie
Science Impact Leader
Lincoln Research Centre
AgResearch Ltd
Christchurch, New Zealand

Delytics is project managing the strategic levy investment project Table Grapes Supply Chain Quality 2017-2020 (TG17002), which is part of the Hort Innovation Table Grape Fund. They have demonstrated strong attention to stakeholder engagement and have a very fluid approach to communication. They have been excellent at maintaining a relationship with us as a funding body and with the industry as a custodian of this work.

Dr Anthony Kachenko
General Manager, Extension & Adoption, Research, Marketing and Investment
Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd

Repeat Purchase Acceleration

Consumer Acceptance of Navel Oranges Significantly Improved

A new fruit quality maturity standard recommended by Delytics has helped boost the consumer acceptability of New Zealand navel oranges from 62% to 93% in just one season.

Delytics Helps Citrus Australia Improve Quality & Taste

The Delytics team’s crop quality expertise and ability to analyse complex data helped Citrus Australia identify the maturity measures for their recently adopted Australian Citrus Quality Standards. The new standards were introduced in 2014 to assist Australian citrus growers, packers, marketers and retailers deliver quality citrus that consumers will enjoy eating and want to repeat purchase. Before setting the standards, Citrus Australia had to first determine the maturity parameters for oranges and mandarins that would consistently meet consumer preferences for juiciness and taste.

Technical Reviews

Mark Loeffen researched and prepared a technical review (white paper) for us to document the techniques that had been tested for shearing the wool of live lambs. Our ultimate objective, which we have since achieved, was to improve animal welfare by developing a new line shearing process to remove the wool from the animals after they are slaughtered. Mark's report provided a solid starting point to help us develop the new process by showing us what had already been done and what had not been done. We engaged Mark to carry out the technical review as he was a recognised world expert in this field. We found him to be very knowledgeable and a very good person to work with. If he says he will do something he will do it and you know he will always perform a very good job.

Magnus Wahlgren
Manager Technical Development,
Nortura – Produksjon, Oslo, Norway

Training & Coaching

Mark delivered customised Project Management training courses at AgResearch over a period of almost eight years across four campus locations. Over 150 AgResearch staff attended these courses in order to improve their skills in managing science research projects.

Mark’s experience in managing science-related projects has provided him with a unique and credible understanding of the challenges presented by science research and development projects. I have found Mark to be good to work with, very cooperative, and open to trying new and different approaches to training.

Comments from the course participants include:

  • This course covered a wide range of very important topics
  • Really enjoyed the course. It was a nice balance of good information...
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Yvette Keys
Organisational Talent and Development Manager
Lincoln Research Centre
AgResearch Ltd
Christchurch, New Zealand

The training course was invaluable to me. It gave me a renewed confidence to drive forward with my project with a logical structure, and great management tools and techniques. It would be very beneficial for all newbies like me to get this training before embarking on any career in a CRI/research or scientific R&D as it sets a high standard for research, accountability, recording and reporting.

Kiri Reihana
Governance and Policy
Landcare Research
Hamilton, New Zealand

Mark Loeffen helped us develop a clear and concise project plan for a technically challenging high temperature casing condition diagnostic system for the geothermal energy industry. Mark’s training support helped us focus on the commercial aspects of our project right from the start and we now have a new product that is eagerly anticipated by commercial clients, even before it is launched.

Evan Erstich
Project Manager
Century Drilling and Energy Services (NZ) Limited
Wairakei, New Zealand