Mark Loeffen has provided huge value by providing me with hands-on coaching help to manage a large multi-disciplinary meat research project. I am leading. It’s a very complex multi-disciplinary meat research project with lots of moving parts, involving both very applied and theoretical scientists. Mark has helped me transition the project from the evaluation phase to the much more focused second phase, which requires robust management systems and work plans with clear specifications for success and delivery. Mark is very experienced in managing R&D projects and is very good at bringing in a cross-pollination of ideas between sectors.

Cameron Craigie
Science Impact Leader
Lincoln Research Centre
AgResearch Ltd
Christchurch, New Zealand

Delytics project managed the three-year strategic levy investment project Table Grapes Supply Chain Quality 2017-2020 (TG17002), which was part of the Hort Innovation Table Grape Fund. They were excellent at maintaining a relationship with us as a funding body and demonstrated strong stakeholder engagement. Their very adaptive and inclusive approach resulted in a quality outcome, and helped industry pivot their thinking. Their work certainly made a difference and was very well received.

Dr Anthony Kachenko
General Manager, Data and Extension
Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd